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The Self-Erasing Code Example (x64)

2022-03-15   Dawid Farbaniec
/* Dawid is digging in his archives. */

It is possible that in some program one will need to erase certain data or even code. Although the technique of wiping code from memory may seem suspicious to some readers (Viral behavior! o_O).

Let's get the idea without complaining about whether the technique will be used to erase the shellcode in the penetration test or for other purpose. Wiping code from memory is a bit more complex than wiping data (a variable).

An example in MASM x64 Assembly is shown below. Filling the procedure's body with NOP (no operation) instructions is possible by getting the start and end of the code block using labels and the size of the code in bytes. Write access to the code section is obtained through VirtualProtect.


;| Erase procedure body code in MASM x64 |
;| Code example by Dawid Farbaniec       |

extrn MessageBoxA : proc
extrn VirtualProtect : proc


ProcInfo struct
    bodyStart dq 0
    bodyEnd dq 0
    bodySize dq 0
ProcInfo ends

szCaption db "", 0
szText db "This is sample procedure call.", 0
oldProtect dd 0
procInfo1 ProcInfo <0,0,0>

MyProc1 proc
    mov rax, offset _ERASE_START
    mov [procInfo1.bodyStart], rax

    push rbp
    mov rbp, rsp
    sub rsp, 30h
    xor r9, r9
    lea r8, szCaption
    lea rdx, szText
    xor rcx, rcx
    call MessageBoxA
    add rsp, 30h

    mov rcx, offset _ERASE_END
    dec rcx
    mov [procInfo1.bodyEnd], rcx
    sub rcx, qword ptr [procInfo1.bodyStart]
    mov [procInfo1.bodySize], rcx
MyProc1 endp

Main proc
    ;sample procedure call
    sub rsp, 28h
    call MyProc1
    add rsp, 28h
    ;get write access to code block
    sub rsp, 28h
    mov r9, offset oldProtect
    mov rdx, [procInfo1.bodySize]
    mov rcx, qword ptr [procInfo1.bodyStart]
    call VirtualProtect
    add rsp, 28h
    ;erase procedure body (fill with NOPs)
    mov rdx, [procInfo1.bodyStart]
    xor rcx, rcx
    mov byte ptr [rdx + rcx * sizeof byte], 90h
    inc rcx
    cmp rcx, [procInfo1.bodySize]
    jle _loop1
    ;sample procedure call (after erasing)
    sub rsp, 28h
    call MyProc1
    add rsp, 28h
Main endp

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