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Deploying Collector Application to Web Server

2022-03-10   Dawid Farbaniec
The Collector program is ASP.NET Core Blazor solution for phishing simulations and penetration testing.

Hosting Requirements

Collector is ASP.NET Core Blazor Server application for .NET 6.0

Build Solution with Microsoft Visual Studio

Open solution in Microsoft Visual Studio.

Delete demo database and Migrations folder.

Open Package Manager Console.

Type add-migration Initial in Package Manager Console and press Enter.

Type update-database in Package Manager Console and press Enter.

Click Debug » Start Debugging to run application on local system.

Follow link Click here to create an account »

Create system administrator account with strong password.

Click Build » Publish to publish project to local folder.

The project is published to local folder.

Deploying Collector App to Web Hosting

The sample tutorial below is for hosting

Create hosting account.

There are 30 days of free trial.

Wait for account confirmation e-mail.

Go to hosting Control Panel.

Click Add Domain link.

There can be existing domain used or new domain can be purchased.

Let's install SSL/TLS free certificate.

Website is online.

Create FTP account for application files.

Log in to created FTP account. You can type FTP Server host in Windows folder.

Copy published local files to hosting.

Enable Write permissions in hosting panel.

The Collector program is ready and online.

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