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Handy Advices for a Crisis Situations and War

2022-07-16   Dawid Farbaniec
Any crisis situation has an impact on security. There exist many threats like war or terrorism. There are also cyberwars and cyberterrorism.

In Poland there are two main types of alert levels:
  • Alert level is introduced when there are terror threat.
  • CRP alert level is introduced when there are cyberterror threat.
The alert levels can be introduced on whole land or on specific territories or objects.

Alert Levels in Crisis Situation

The alert levels are following:


Information about the threat was obtained, but the nature and extent are difficult to predict.


Increased and predictable threat, but target of attack has not been identified.


There has been an event confirming the target of the attack that affects: security or public order, the security of Poland, the security of another country or an international organization, and posing a potential threat to the Poland. The alert level may be introduced when the information about the possible threat is reliable and has been confirmed. It also applies to citizens, institutions and infrastructure of Poland abroad.


The fourth and last level differs from the third in that information about the advanced phase of attack preparation was obtained and that the information gathered indicates the inevitability of the threat.

Alarms and Alarm Signals

When you hear an alarm, it is very important not to panic and inform any neighbors who may not have heard the alarm.

The acoustic signal for the alarm announcement is a modulated siren sound over a period of 3 minutes.

The acoustic signal for canceling the alarm is a continuous sound of the siren for a period of 3 minutes.

Church bells and visual elements (for example: a yellow warning triangle) can also be used to announce an alarm.

Water, Food, Medicines for You and Your Family

Organize mineral water in original bottles. Then you will easily recognize which bottles have been opened and which have not. Preferably about 4 liters of water per person. If you have a dog, it's a good idea to have a bowl from which to drink.

Provide yourself and your family with food that does not perish easily, does not require refrigeration or heat treatment, and does not cause allergies. High-calorie bars, canned meat and fish, cereal cakes or fruit juices may be useful.

Remember to include a cutlery set, plate and mug so that everyone can eat.

Prepare supplies of medicines that you and your family take on a permanent basis. It is also worth having a list, for example, in tables on a small piece of paper, which medicine is for whom. Then a person unfamiliar with the information about who is being treated will be able to give the medicines correctly.

Also remember about basic hygiene things such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, toilet paper, shower gel and salicylic alcohol (or toilet water).

Markings for You and Your Family

Due to the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, it is worth marking the places where you are staying or the vehicles you travel with.

Sample markings:
RU: Не стреляй
UA: Не стріляй
PL: Nie strzelajcie
EN: Don't shoot

Sample markings for family with children:
RU: Семья с детьми
UA: Сім'я з дітьми
PL: Rodzina z dziećmi
EN: Family with children

Files for easy printing are provided below.

Contact with Your Family

Remember to have contact information for your family members. If you do not have phone numbers in your memory, make a note of them. Agree with your family members where you will go in case you are separated.

People You May Meet

In the event of an armed conflict or a threat of war, it is possible to meet soldiers and services (like police). As a civilian, it is better to follow orders such as presenting your documents when asked.

People Who Want to Steal Your Stuff

It is possible that you and your family will be stopped by aggressive people who will want to take cash or some valuables from you. It is best to be neutral and not too richly dressed so as not to provoke such situations.

In such a situation, it is worth having a supply of cigarettes (even if you do not smoke them yourself) and some cash. This will allow you to negotiate these things in return for them to leave you alone.

Sick People Who Need Help

It is very likely that you will meet people and maybe pets that need help.

For example, people who are heavily addicted to alcohol may have convulsions, which may result in an epilepsy. You should then put the person on their side to avoid choking and protect the head from injury, but do not lift or apply pressure. It may not sound very good, but in a crisis situation, an effective and temporary help for a person addicted to alcohol can be ... giving him a small amount of alcohol.

Another dangerous thing can be a diabete person who lacks food and / or insulin. In short: Hypoglycemia is too low sugar and hyperglycemia is too high sugar. How can we help a diabetic and not harm? In the case of low sugar, give sweets (no fat - slows down glucose absorption), and in the case of high sugar, give mineral water and try to get insulin. Note: To inject insulin you need to measure blood sugar level and know how to CALCULATE insulin dose!

Hypertension is another known disease that can kill. If blood pressure is 180 or higher, there is a need to give antihypertensive pill under the tongue (it will be absorbed quickly).

Another risk may be allergic reactions caused by, for example, an insect sting or other contact with an allergen by an allergic person. In such situation one can use Adrenalina WZF w ampułko-strzykawce. Note: For intramuscular injection in the anterolateral aspect of the thigh. If symptoms persist within 5-15 minutes, give another dose using a new pre-filled syringe. After injection, do not remove the pre-filled syringe for about 10 seconds to allow the medicine to be absorbed.

Other examples of situations that may be dangerous:
  • toothache, headache or other severe pain (painkillers will help for example:  Paracetamol),
  • diarrhea (for example: activated charcoal will help),
  • abdominal cramps and pains (will help for example: Buscopan),
  • infected wounds (disinfection, wound cleaning, tetanus vaccination will help),
  • stress, insomnia or nervousness due to a crisis situation (sedatives, anxiolytics or sleeping pills selected by the doctor will help),
  • distraction and daytime sleepiness (for example: KofAktin)

Caffeine ☕
Active: 3 – 6 hours (sometimes up to 9 hours);
Overdose: over ~500 mg per day or over ~200 mg in one dose;
Lethal dose: ~7 – 10 milligrams per kilogram of body weight;
Note: Do not mix with alcohol.

See also: Seven Substances That Boost Your Brain

Sources of Electric Energy and Light

During crisis time you need to prepare for electric energy cuts.

A few solid PowerBanks - they can be very useful (for example: Powerbank Forever JS-200 Jump Starter 12000mAh). It is worth considering models that will allow you to start a car or motorcycle with a discharged battery.

Multiple lighters (for example: jet type: Zapalniczka żarowa z 4 płomieniami strumieniowymi Scott & Webber)

Batteries for radio and other devices (the most popular ones are for example: AA, AAA, 18650, R20)

LED torchlights (for example: Latarka akumulatorowa XRG RX80 XP-L - 800 lumenów)

Candles (for example: Świece stołowe stożkowe zestaw 40 szt. biały s30-40-090)

Documents, Cash, Computer Data, Tools...

The most important things to keep with you and don't let them go missing:
  • ID card,
  • driving license,
  • documents related to your education,
  • card with medical data: name and surname, PESEL number, blood type, diseases, permanent medicines and allergies,
  • cash (various denominations) in the national currency (PLN in Poland) and EUR/USD,
  • the most important data from your computer, for example: on a portable SSD in a waterproof case,
  • map of the local area and the map of Poland,
  • mechanical compass,
  • multitool (for example,
  • radio,
  • ...


The purpose of this text is to develop the most important guidelines for times of danger or war in the simplest and most universal way. The author of Magazine wishes that the advices contained in this text should serve the readers only to organize the most important things. I also wish my readers as few crises as possible.

Stay safe.

The text does not include product placement. All products described in the article are only examples.

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