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General x86/x64 Processor Registers (Cheatsheet)

2022-05-23   Dawid Farbaniec

General Purpose Registers

RFLAGS Register

RIP Register (Instruction Pointer)

Segment Registers

Floating Point Unit Registers (x87)

FPU Status Word Register

FPU Control Word Register

MMX Registers (MultiMedia eXtensions)

SSE/AVX Registers

SSE = Streaming SIMD Extensions, AVX = Advanced Vector eXtensions
(SIMD = Single Instruction Multiple Data)

AVX-512 Registers

MMX, FPU, AVX-512 Registers


Advanced Micro Devices Inc., 2017 – AMD64 Architecture Programmer's Manual
Intel Corporation, 2019 – Intel 64 and IA-32 Architectures Software Developer's Manual Appz



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