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x64 Assembly Project in Visual Studio 2022

2022-05-23   Dawid Farbaniec
The Magazine has received e-mail messages that build instructions are needed for source codes in x64 Assembly Language (MASM x64). So if you want to build Nanomites Technique from Nanomites.w32 Virus or other code samples then here we go.

First get Microsoft Visual Studio installed with Visual C++ language support. Open the environment and click Create a new project.

Select Windows Desktop Wizard. It's easy choice for creating classic Windows applications.

Set project name and source files location.

Choose Desktop Application and check Empty project field.

Add new source code file.

Name the file Main.asm.

Write MASM x64 Assembly code to Main.asm file.

In Build Dependencies and Build Customizations check the MASM field.

Right click on Main.asm and select Properties. Set Item Type to Microsoft Macro Assembler.

Open the Project Properties window and set Entry Point to Main.

Click Build and Rebuild Solution to create executable file.

Build successful.

Hope you like this tutorial.

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