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Seven Substances That Boost Your Brain

2022-05-13   Dawid Farbaniec
Sally (Artificial Intelligence)
Advanced medicine makes some people expect the existence of a pill for everything — panacea. This statement is not intended to criticize medicines or supplements. It is a wonderful thing that we can give someone a medicine rather than suffer or die. However, one should remember about the basic principles of healthcare and the clever use of various substances. The pill will not pass the exam for us in college, and by taking something from unknown source, we can harm ourselves.

In this text, I have collected substances that had a positive effect on me while working on the computer. However, it should be remembered that each organism is different and may tolerate these specifics differently.

Mineral Water 💧

The basic substance without which there is no life. Water can be drunk in large amounts. Highly mineralized water can be a healthy substitute for a sweetened drink and can provide minerals. People with high blood pressure should be careful when drinking water with a high sodium (Na). If we are exhausted with work on a computer, it is worth drinking mineral water between coffees. 🙂

Coffee (Caffeine) ☕

Caffeine is one of the favorite substances of computer maniacs. It can be found in coffee, energy drinks and tea (here called theine). In appropriate doses, it improves concentration and brain efficiency. It reduces weakness and fatigue. May cause dehydration and losing minerals such as magnesium. From my own experience I can say that it can be addictive, but less dangerous than nicotine.

Active: 3 – 6 hours (sometimes up to 9 hours);
Overdose: over ~500 mg per day or over ~200 mg in one dose;
Lethal dose: ~7 – 10 milligrams per kilogram of body weight;
Note: Do not mix with alcohol.


Creatine supplementation not only for strongmen. Adequate levels of creatine in the brain correlate with improved recognition memory and reduce fatigue. Remember to stay hydrated and do not drink alcohol.

Sample dosage: 1 to 5 grams per day;
Overdose: above ~10 grams per day;
Note: Do not mix with alcohol. Limit caffeine intake.


If you've ever read the label of an energy drink, you've probably noticed a substance called taurine. This substance, like creatine, is used in strongman sports, but not only. From my own experience, I can say that it reduces the negative effects of caffeine, such as hand trembling and excessive irritability.

Sample dosage: 1 to 3 grams per day;
Note: Do not mix with alcohol.

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)

You can find vitamin C in pharmacies as effervescent tablets of 1000 milligrams. Vitamin C, common and known to everyone, is really valuable for our body. It is a powerful antioxidant that reduces oxidative stress. Increases immunity. It can reduce sleepiness without causing sleeplessness at night.

Sample dosage: 1000 milligrams daily in one dose in the case of stress and fatigue;
Overdose: The substance was overdosed in the movie "Job, czyli ostatnia szara komórka". 🙂


A wonderful plant that comes in a many varieties. Associated with alternative medicine and used to lower sugar levels and bad cholesterol. It improves concentration and has a stimulating effect.

Dosage: Depends on the supplement;
Note: May harm people with hypertension. Do not mix with alcohol.


Why did I put this substance here? I have been addicted to it. Nicotine is highly addictive and very dangerous. It brings a feeling of light stimulation and relaxation to an addicted person. However, addiction causes a person to intake it more and more often and in higher doses. I remember 24 hours after stopping nicotine, I had to pay my bill online. I couldn't concentrate. I was completely dull and unable to concentrate due to a lack of this substance.

The first time you use nicotine to make you feel better. Then you have to use it to feel normal.

Help in Case of Poisoning

In case of poisoning by ingesting a harmful substance, it may be helpful to induce vomiting (if the person is conscious). The sooner this is done, the less poison the body will absorb.

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